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Product page USB Stick CopyStation 21

Product page USB Stick CopyStation

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Our new USB Stick CopyStation 21 offers the fast duplication of content to up to 21 USB sticks in a very short time.

The USB Stick CopyStation 21 is an evolutionary advance of our proven 7 slot USB Stick CopyStation. This latest version is the perfect entry level solution for USB stick duplication.

With the introduction of the new CopyStation we are responding to the suggestions of our customers in the US markets, where the USB stick is extensively used as memory media.

Software options like «File Copy» and «Short Image» distinguish the new USB Stick CopyStation 21. Of these, initially only the «Short Image» can be ordered (altec item no. 31AL1852).

Also convincing is its speed with about 20 MB/second. All of this makes the USB Stick CopyStation 21 the perfect solution for high volume copying.

This CopyStation is connected via supplied USB PCI card to any Windows XP PC. The user interface of the included, in-house developed software is selectable for German or English.

  You can order the Standard version of the USB Stick CopyStation 21 with the item number B31AL185.

It goes without saying that our 7 slot USB Stick CopyStation is still available.


altec USB Stick CopyStation 21 Software

above: USB Stick CopyStation 21 software

top right: Hardware of the USB Stick CopyStation 21


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