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On August 6th, 2007, altec ComputerSysteme GmbH celebrates its 15th anniversary.

altec is international recognized for being one of the leading manufacturers of CopyStations for mobile memory media as well as for being manufacturer of industrial memory products such as Solid State Disks and Flash Card Drives.

Not only its continuously expanding portfolio but many other steps added to altec’s success. In 1991, altec started selling SanDisk memory products and is now one of the leading SanDisk distributors in Germany.

In 2000, the first CopyStation for mobile memory media was launched. The introduction of Robo CopyStation, the first automated CopyStation worldwide, in 2005 was another milestone in altec’s history.

Moreover, with custom developments altec could meet the demands of customers looking for solutions for a wide range of industrial applications.

Today, the portfolio consists of a wide range of CopyStations for the duplication of memory media images for almost all needs and types of memory media.

  Bodo Koch


But the name altec is already known since 1986 for innovative technical solutions, because then the altec electronic GmbH was founded.

Following the boom in digital electronics, altec’s activities soon focused on today’s business areas.

On August 6th, 1992, altec electronic GmbH was renamed to today’s altec ComputerSysteme GmbH.

We are glad about our success over the last 15 years. In order to remain one of the leaders, we will continue offering our customers innovative and user friendly products”, states altec’s Managing Director Bodo Koch.

right: altec Managing Director Bodo Koch in the year 1998.


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