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Your High-Speed CopyStation can be 50 % faster!

It is quite easy: Simply order our Upgrade-Kit for High-Speed CopyStation now and transform your current system into the Ultra Version.

With the convenience of our modular designed High-Speed CopyStation Ultra you can copy content to up to 120 cards with 2 GB in an hour. These equals a transfer rate of approx. 70 MB/sec.

Ten different CardBox models enable you to duplicate content to 13 different memory card types.

To install the Upgrade Kit, you have two options:

– We will do the assembly for you: You will send us your High-Speed CopyStation, and we will install the Upgrade Kit within 24 hours after having received the CopyStation.

– We will send you the Upgrade Kit and you may install it yourself.

  Order your Upgrade Kit now and experience for yourself what high transfer rates are like with High-Speed CopyStation Ultra.

You are interested in detailed information about our Upgrade Kit? Please contact Mr. Thomas Kuhnt, Tel. 0511 98381-74, and Mr. Olaf Meier, Tel. -61.


altec High-Speed CopyStation Upgrade Kit

above: High-Speed CopyStation Upgrade Kit

top right: High-Speed CopyStation Ultra


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