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Price lists and newsletter June 2009
Dear Madam and Sir,

our June Newsletter has the following topics:

1. altec: Further price reductions for CopyStations

2. NEW: CopyStation Lite is now available as the Lite Copy Module
3. NEW: Rugged SSD
4. altec: USB Drive plus S

5. Market information: Price and delivery time increases for flah media
6. Announcement: SiliconDrive III

7. PCN: SanDisk SD Blue 8/16GB
8. EOL: SiliconDrive PATA 40-Pin Module

9. Price lists for downloading

1. altec: Further price reduction for CopyStations

As a result fo further savings in manufacturing and marketing, prices for CopyStations have just been reduced for most of models.

Price reductions affect the following models:

- IQ CopyStation
- FlashCard CopyStation III CF (8CF-Slots)
- Mobile USB FlashCard CopyStation (2CF-Slots)
- USB stick CopyStation 21 Ultra
- CF Adapter B50646 for the FlashCard CopyStation III CF
- SD CardBox
- miniSD CardBox
- RS-MMC CardBox
- CF CardBox

Benefit from the new prices. Earn more money with our CopyStations.

Please contact our sales team for CopyStations for further information on prices and features.


2. New: CopyStation Lite is now available as the Lite CopyModule

Bild IQ CopyStationThe already announced CopyStation Lite is now available as the Lite CopyModule in our Lite Line.

The new Lite CopyModule allows you to duplicate flash memory cards with the proven altec quality for less than 1000 Euros. As an entry level version, the Lite CopyModule is intended for small to medium-sized copy volumes. Earn more money due to the simplified operation and favourable price.

Four different CopyModule versions allow you to duplicate all popular flash memory card formats.

For higher demands on the data transfer rate, the Lite CopyModule has been further developed to the Lite CopyModule plus. Installed by altec in a PC, it achieves a higher performance by using four instead of two USB 2.0 ports.

Please contact our sales team for details of the Lite CopyModule and the Lite CopyModule plus.


3. New: Rugged SSD

Bild Available soonIf you are looking for a highly reliable SSD, the altec Rugged SSD is surely the best choice. The new altec 3rd Generation Rugged SSD sets new standards in robustness and resistance to external influences.

The fully encapsulated full metal case provides protection from mechanical distortion and corrosion and readily dissipates static charges, leading to a high EMV and ESD resistance.

Highest possible reliability is ensured by SiliconSystems™ memory technology in Industrial Grade Quality. The unique SiliconSystems™ Technology SiSecure™, SiMART™, PowerArmor™ and the patented wear leveling with the SLC-NAND Flash technology guarantee an extremely long life time with high transfer rates.

Our sales team can advise you on the different models and provide additional information.


4. altec: USB Drive plus S

Bild Available soonWith the new altec USB Drive plus S you can use all popular flash memory media in the four memory card slots which are provided. You can copy directly and quickly between each media type since each slot appears in Windows as a separate drive letter.

The altec USB Drive plus S features a high quality and sophisticated technology which was developed in house by altec. With the high quality manufacture and a transfer rate of up to 30 MBytes/s, it is intended for professional applications.

For different scenarios and applications, it is available for installation in a standard 3.5“ drive bay with a USB 2.0 HiSpeed port or as an external version in a rugged case.

Please contact our sales team for further information.


5. Market information: Price and delivery time increases for Flash Media

Bild USB Drive plus SThe market for flash memory media is currently very volatile and the manufacturers have reduced the production quantities. This has led to shortages, increased prices and longer delivery times.

When ordering flash memory media, please be aware of the current market situation. Order well ahead to ensure a more favourable price. Apart from the cost savings, this will avoid longer delivery times.

Our sales team can advise you on the current prices, delivery times and market situation.


6. Announcement: SiliconDrive III

Logo altec Open HouseSiliconSystems™ have announced their new generation SiliconDrive III. They feature a significantly increased read/write speed and higher capacity than the previous versions.

The SiliconDrive Technology ensures that the drive has an excellent lifetime and reliability.
- Static Wear Leveling uses the entire memory area and ensures significantly longer lifetime.
- The Error Correction Code (EEC) of the special controller which was developed in house by SiliconSystems™ can correct up to 6 Bit/Byte in faulty cells.
- PowerArmor™ prevents the destruction of the memory cells if the power supply is lost during writing the data.
- SiSMART™ logs the write/read times for the card allowing card wear to be tracked and the remaining card lifetime to be determined.

Ask our sales team how you can benefit from this advanced technology.


7. PCN: SanDisk SD Blue 8/16GB

Logo altec Open HouseSanDisk has announced NAND technology transitions from 43nm D2 to 43nm D3 and D4, along with changes to the controller, label, and lid colour (blue to black).

Please contact our sales team for further information.


8. EOL: SiliconDrive PATA 40-Pin Module

Western Digital has announced the end-of-life status for the Silicon Drive PATA 40-Pin Module (altec Item no. B31SSxxx(I)S, Western Digital Item no. SSD-Mxxx(I)-3xxx.

The final production and shipment date is November 30, 2009. The last date to place orders is August 31, 2009.

Our sales team is happy to advise you about alternative products or to answer further questions.



Best regards

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