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Dear Madam and Sir,

Our July Newsletter has the following topics:

1. NEW: altec USB Stick CopyStations are now even faster

2. Info: CopyStations - the right choice

3. Info: SiliconSystems now part of Western Digital

4. Interview: Sören Papenberg about SunDisk WORM

5. Short introduction: New distributor for CopySataions in Italy

6. PCN: SanDisk Ultra II and Extreme III

7. Price lists for downloading

1. NEU: altec USB Stick CopyStations are now even faster

altec has completely re-designed the software for the USB Stick CopyStations to allow the copying speed to be increased even further.

In-house tests were made with USB CopyStations using USB Sticks from various manufacturers. Depending on the USB stick type and speed of the USB connection, the USB Stick CopyStation 21 Ultra achieved more than 90 MBytes/s for all of the 21 Slots together. And the USB Stick CopyStation achieved more than 40 MByte/s for all 7 Slots together.

Benefit from the new improved software. The USB Stick CopyStations are already being shipped with the new software version. Updates for already shipped USB Stick CopyStations are available from altec free of charge.

Reduce your costs through fast copying of USB memory sticks and benefit to the new, reduced prices.

Please contact our sales team for USB Stick CopyStations for information on the software update and the numerous features of the USB Stick CopyStation.


2. Info: CopyStations - the right choice

Which altec CopyStation is best for my requirements?
A good question which is often asked by our customers

To get an answer, you should trust our many years of experience. The wide range of altec CopyStations ensures that there is a custom solution for any required copying volume and flash memory type.

Get some advice from our sales team. They can help you to choose the right product to meet your needs based on factors such as copy volume, application area and flash memory type. The state-of-the-art software and hardware components which were developed in-house ensure that you are making the right choice by choosing a CopyStation from altec. The high copying speed and simple usability are an added bonus.

Don't waste any more time – get in touch today with our sales team for CopyStations.


3. Info: SiliconSystems now part of Western Digital

Since March 2009, the specialist for flash memory technology SiliconSystems is a subsidiary of Western Digital. The take-over makes Western Digital a leading supplier of flash memory products too. Western Digital is one of the pioneers in data storage and worlwide one of the major manufacturers of hard disk drives.

Not only Western Digital and SiliconSystems but their customers too will enjoy lasting benefits from the merger and the expected synergy effects.

The SiliconDrive family of SSDs (Solid State Drives) from SiliconSystems is intended for demanding industrial applications. In house developments from SiliconSystems ensure the highest reliability of their SSDs in all application areas – reliability which soon pays for itself.

Starting from 1st. July, the former label of the SiliconDrive family will start to be replaced by a new label with the Western Digital logo. The items numbers will not change.

Our sales team for SiliconSystems are happy to answer your questions on the outstanding features of the SiliconDrive family and on the merger of the two companies.


4. Interview: Sören Papenberg about SunDisk WORM

Sören Papenberg
Sales Manager
altec Computer Systeme GmbH

What is SD WORM?
WORM stands for "Write Once Read Many".
The SanDisk WORM SD card can only be written to once and is then write protected.

What are the advantages of WORM Technology?
According to SanDisk, a WORM SD card can store data reliably for up 100 years. This makes it far superior to all currently used digital media. In addition, the data can no longer be changed or manipulated after writing.

What are the current applications for this technology?
Due to the very high life time, the WORM SD card is particularly suitable for long term archiving of data. There is currently no alternative, comparable memory technology which guarantees such a long lifetime. A further advantage of WORM technology is where it is vital to ensure that the original data has not been modified.
Examples of such applications are e.g. storage for police photographs, interviews of witnesses, data from the courts, results of electronic voting, security cameras and black boxes or flight recorders. The WORM Technology makes it practically impossible to manipulate the data afterwards.

How can I use a WORM SD card?
Due to the command structure of the SanDisk WORM SD cards, normal conventional flash card readers cannot be used for writing. You must use suitable SD flash card readers which can be purchased e.g. from altec. After writing, WORM SD cards can be read as often as required from any normal SD card reader.

Please contact our Sales Manager, Sören Papenberg for additional information on SD WORM cards from SanDisk and the required flash card drives.


5. Short introduction: New distributor for CopySataions in Italy

We are glad to be able to greet the Italian specialist for media duplication.

Polonord distribute the most different solutions and machines to the copying, printing and packing of digital storage media. Beside Polonord offer CD/DDVD media, Flash media and Usb Sticks.

Polonord Adeste S.r.I. – Sede Principale - Bologna
via Bonazzi 7
40013 Castel Maggiore (Bologna)

For further information, please visit Polonord’s website or ask our sales team.


6. PCN: SanDisk Ultra II and Extreme III

New labels specific to OEM for part numbers below, and new part numbers of reflect changes to reflect new performance and class Ratings per SD-Card-Specicication 3.0:

Part Number New Part Number New Description
SD OEM 7/15 MB/s, class6, 4GB
SD OEM 7/15 MB/s, class6, 8GB
SD OEM 7/15 MB/s, class6, 16GB
SD OEM 7/15 MB/s, class6, 32GB
SD OEM 20/20MB/s, class10, 4GB
SD OEM 20/20MB/s, class10, 8GB

For further informations, please contact our sales team, division SanDisk.


7.  Price lists for downloading

If you haven't already done so, you can register to receive our monthly price lists online in the price section of our website. After receiving your passwort, you can download the current price lists for industrial memory media, CopyStations and Consumer/OEM products.

The price lists can be downloaded as PDF files (ca. 200 KB) or as zipped Excel files (ca. 1.2 MB).


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