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A new type of CardBox for microSD and TransFlash adds to the portfolio of the modular designed High-Speed CopyStation thus making fast duplication of card images with mircoSD and TransFlash possible.

Press release:

altec ComputerSysteme expands its portfolio of the modular designed High-Speed CopyStation with a CardBox for microSD and TransFlash.

altec’s High-Speed CopyStation provides the user with the highest flexibility possible since the exchangeable CardBoxes allow for the duplication of card images of different card types.

Besides the microSD CardBox, altec offers CardBoxes for SD/MMC, miniSD, RS-MMC, CF Card or OTP SD/MMC.

Every CardBox can hold up to 20 memory cards. Due to their size, microSD and TransFlash Cards are put in the CardBox, not inserted as in the CardBoxes for other types. The CardBox is closed with a rugged cover.

High-Speed CopyStation

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The achievable throughput rates depend on capacity and speed of the cards as well as on other factors such as time needed for changing the cards. Between 600 to 800 cards with 256MB can be duplicated per hour when synchronously using two card boxes.

microSD and TransFlash Cards with content are mainly utilized in mobile telephones as well as for other mobile applications as MP3-players etc.

altec can look back at a longtime experience in the field of copying stations for mobile memory media therefore offering a solution for every need. The portfolio consists of a broad variety of copy stations for the duplication of card images: ranging from the above mentioned High-Speed CopyStation to the flexible FlashCard CopyStation with 10 PC Card Slots or the automated Robo CopyStation in two versions.


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