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Starting immediately, altec ComputerSysteme GmbH is using the Dell-Business Line OptiPlex in the renowned High-Speed CopyStations for the fast duplication of data images. This way the client can not only rely on altec's Support-Hotline for questions regarding the hard- and software of the Copy Station but also on Dell's international On-Site Support Service for the PC itself.

Press release:

Starting immediately, altec ComputerSysteme GmbH is relying on the proven quality of the PCs of the Dell-Business Line OptiPlex for their High-Speed CopyStations, which allow the duplication of data-images in high speed.

High-Speed CopyStation of the new generation consist of a Dell-PC as well as an internal copy module with 5.25" chassis made of stainless steel. Exchangeable CardBoxes can be fitted into the copy module.

“By using the Dell-PCs, we can provide our customers with an even better service,” explains altec's managing director Bodo Koch. “Especially for our international customers it is very important to be able to rely on fast support in their own language and country by Dell,” stresses Koch. altec will remain first support contact for all questions regarding the copying module, the CardBoxes and the software.


Dell is renowned for Business-PCs. Especially for large and medium-sized companies, Dell is the leading PC supplier worldwide.

The internal copy module made of stainless steel as well as the stainless steel back side of the CardBoxes of the new generation allow better electrostatic discharge.

altec's High-Speed CopyStation provides the user with the highest flexibility possible since the exchangeable CardBoxes make the duplication of card images of different card types possible. altec offers CardBoxes for the following memory card formats: microSD/TransFlash, SD/MMC, miniSD, RS-MMC, CF Card or OTP SD/MMC. Every CardBox can hold up to 20 memory cards.

altec can look back at a long-time experience in the field of copying stations for mobile memory media therefore offering a solution for every need. The portfolio consists of a broad variety of copy stations for the duplication of card images: ranging from the above mentioned High-Speed CopyStation to the USB Stick CopyStation or the automated Robo CopyStation in two versions.


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