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Short summary:

After a customized functionality upgrade for the Korean memory producer Hynix, Robo CopyStation M2 from altec ComputerSysteme GmbH will be used for the quality management of Flash memory cards.

Press Release:

Hynix semiconductor Inc. in Korea, world's third largest producer of NAND-Flash memory (isuppli, Q1/2008) for USB Memory Sticks, mobile devices and Flash memory cards decided to use the Robo CopyStation M2 from altec ComputerSysteme GmbH for its quality management.

The Robo CopyStation M2 from altec prior-ranking is a high performance copy system for different SD an MMC Flash memory media formats.
Caused by its parallel operation method and fully automation a surpassing number of copied memory medias is effectuated and guarantees a short ‘Return on Investment’ (ROI).

  Hynix uses the Robo CopyStation M2 in addition to the already applied quality management method due to expand the read/write tests for Flash memory with different parameters. Caused by the design of Robo CopyStation M2 altec modifies it for Hynix needs without any problems. Additionally altec could reduce the changeover time for the different Flash memory media formats to less than 20 minutes. By this way, the time of productivity of Robo CopyStation M2 according to other systems rises significantly.

Choon Yub Choi, Vice President and Managing Director of Hynix Europe, "Hynix is a leading company of Memory solutions with the vision to become the world’s best semiconductor company through a path of continuous growth. altec's Robo CopyStation M2 helps us to achieve our vision earlier with the highest quality for our customer."

Olaf Meier, Business Manager of altec ComputerSysteme, said “Hynix choice, as one of the leading companies in the semiconductor industry, to utilize the Robo CopyStation M2 strengthens altec's position as world's leading producer for Flash card copy systems."


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