Robo CopyStation M2   Robo CopyStation M1  
altec Robo CopyStation M2
Worldwide unique automated copying station for 48 mobile memory media in parallel.
altec Robo CopyStation M1
First automated copying station worldwide for 20 mobile memory media in parallel.
IQ CopyStation   High-Speed CopyStation Edition 1000
altec IQ CopyStation
Worldwide the fastest flash memory media CopyStation with up to 2000 MBytes/s for 20 memory cards. For stand-alone or host based mode.

altec High-Speed CopyStation Ultra
Modular CopyStation for very fast duplication of 13 different memory card types via 10 different CardBoxes for 20 cards each with numerous software options.
  USB Stick CopySt. 21 Ultra   USB Stick CopyStation  
altec USB Stick CopyStation 21 Ultra
Ultra fast duplication of 21 USB memory sticks.
altec USB Stick CopyStation
Small scale programming of seven USB memory sticks.
  FlashCard CopyStation III CF FlashCard CopyStation III CF Mobile
altec FlashCard CopyStation III CF
CopyStation for CF Cards or memory media in CF Card adapter. Complete PC-based version with 8 CF Card slots.
altec FlashCard CopyStation III CF Mobile
Mobile CopyStation for CF Cards or memory media in CF Card adapter. External USB 2.0 Card Drive with 2 CF Card slots.

Lite CopyModule -
Lite CopyModule plus

  Older CopyStations  
altec Flash Card CopyStation III CF
Entry level flash media copying 8 slot module for an 5.25" PC-drive bay installation
altec SD Card CopyStation
High-Speed CopyStation Ultra with modular CardBoxes for 20 media.
High-Speed CopyStation with modular CardBoxes for 20 media.
FlashCard CopyStation III for 8 PC Cards.
FlashCard CopyStation II for 8 PC Cards.
MultiMediaCard CopyStation for 20x MultiMediaCards.
SD Card CopyStation for 20x SD Cards & MMC.
USB Stick CopyStation 21 for 21 USB Sticks.
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altec Memory card services
Memory card services such as bulk duplication from card images, labelling etc.
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