Entry level flash media copying 8 slot module
for an 5.25" PC drive bay installation
  Bild IQ CopyStation

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Data sheet (PDF – v.1.0– 500 kB)

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brochure altec CopyStations (PDF, – v.1.3 – 2,2 MB)

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"Lite CopyModule" is designed as a model series for entry level systems for less than 1.000 Euros. It is specially designed small to medium-sized copying volume.

The compact 8 Slot flash media copying module is for a 5.25" PC drive installation.
For higher demands on the data transferrate, the Lite CopyModule has been further developed to the Lite CopyModule plus. Installed by altec in a PC, it achieves a higher performance by using four instead of two USB 2.0 ports.

The module runs on a Windows PC with Vista or XP. The Lite CopyModule needs 1 free internal USB 2.0 interface and 1 PCI slot for a supplied USB controller.

The Lite CopyModule's transferrate is more than 60 MBytes/s at all slots*. With the 4 USB 2.0 interfaces the optional Lite CopyModule plus transferrate is more than 100 MBytes/s*.

The included altec copying software has functions for ImageCopy, ImageCopy with verify and Verify, as well as reasond job administration. The simplified operation of the altec copying software helps you to earn more money.

Customize product adaption of copy modes available on request.



*depends on the card type and the manufactor of storage media, as well as on the speed of USB connection

Compatible media

The following storage media can be used in the different Lite CopyModule and Lite CopyModule plus models:
– SD/SDHC/MMC/MMCplus Cards
– microSD/microSDHC Cards
– CompactFlash Type I+II
Other memory media on request


- Entry level solution for less than 1.000 Euros

– Copying speed more than 60 MBytes/s at all slots*.
plus Version more than 100 MBytes/s at all slots*.

– Copying module for 5.25 " PC drive bay

– Lite CopyModule plus for higher demands, installes in a PC by altec

– Ease of use - reduces your costs

– Available for:
CompactFlash Type I+II und
Other memory media on request

- Made in germany

Available versions:

RoHS compliant

SD-Lite CopyModule for SD/SDHC/MMC/MMCplus Cards

SD-Lite CopyModule plus for SD/SDHC/MMC/MMCplus Cards

MSD-Lite CopyModule for microSD/microSDHC Cards

MSD-Lite CopyModule plus for microSD/microSDHC Cards

CF-Lite CopyModule for
CompactFlash I+II

CF-Lite CopyModule plus for CompactFlash I+II

Other memory media on request


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