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Press release February, 28th 2006

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Animation showing Robo CopyStation M2 working
(QuickTime Player, 2:09 min., 384 x 288 pixel – 8.5 MB)

Animation showing Robo CopyStation M2 working
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Animation showing Robo CopyStation M2 working
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Animation showing Robo CopyStation M2 working
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Product page Robo CopyStation M1

Film about the range of altec services

The Robo CopyStation M2 is a further development of the first automated copying station worldwide Robo CopyStation M1, which has been introduced at CeBIT 2005 in Hanover.

The development of Robo CopyStation is based upon the experience of many years in the field of copying stations for mobile memory media.

Robo CopyStation M2 convinces with high speed rates and its complete automation. The high throughput of more than one million memory cards per month guarantees a short return on investment.


The Robo CopyStation M2 will copy the identical data images to 48 cards simultaneously.

Blank memory cards are fed into the system by so-called card trays via a transporting system. From there the cards are picked up, 24 at a time, by a cushion of suction pads and delivered to the copying unit.

After being imprinted, the cards are taken to another stack of card trays.

The systems can be adjusted to a wide range of tray types.

The Robo CopyStation is operated using a touch screen which is mounted on a swivel arm.

The Robo CopyStation can be connected to the company’s network since it is running on a standard operating system.

An optional software tool is available from altec which encodes the data individually for each card during copying according to the card ID number. This technology can be used to ensure that a program or game can only be started from the original memory card. This provides an effective copy protection mechanism.

The currently achievable throughput depends on capacity and speed of the cards as well as on other factors as tray type etc. With 512 MB SD Cards, a throughput of 2000 cards per hour can be achieved (without verification).

The contact pads are currently designed for SD Cards and MultiMediaCards, microSD as well as RS-MMC. altec plans to provide contact pads for other card types such as Memory Stick PRO Duo, Memory Stick Micro M2 and miniSD in the near future.

  Available version (with item number)

RoHS compliant

Robo CopyStation M2 – 29AL1201


above: In front card trays with unprogrammed (left) and programmed cards (right). In the background contact pads where the memory cards are programmed

above: The robot arm picks up the memory cards using suction pads

above: Close up view of the 48 contact pads

above: scene from the animation


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