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News page «SanDisk Consumer/OEM product portfolio» of 22nd Nov. 2006
Homepage SanDisk Corporation
The CompactFlash standard was developed in 1994 by SanDisk.

It uses the same flash technology as the ATA Flash PC Cards.

With CF Cards, data is transferred using the ATA protocol over 50 pins instead of 68 pins as in the PC Cards.

The dimensions of CompactFlash Cards Type I offered by us are 36.4 x 42.8 x 3.3 mm.

Microdrive mini hard disks and some older high-capacity flash cards have a CF Card Type II form factor with a greater thickness (overall height of 5.0 instead of 3.3 mm).

CompactFlash Cards are used in a wide range of devices.

In industry they are used e.g. in mobile measuring equipment, industrial PCs, single board computers, as on board memory expansion or in PLCs.

In the commercial sector they are used in Pocket PCs, PDAs, MP3 players, digital dictating machines and in a large number of digital (SLR) cameras.

A PC Card adapter allows CompactFlash Cards to be used in any PC Card Type II slot, such as that found in nearly all notebook PCs and all altec PC Card drives.

  Available versions (with Item number)

RoHS compliant

256 MB SanDisk CF Card
EOL – Last Time Buy: April 24, 2008
altec Item no.: B15SD256JC
SanDisk Item no.: SDCFJ-256-388-J

512 MB SanDisk CF Card
altec Item no.: B15SD512JC
SanDisk Item no.: SDCFJ-512-388-J

1 GB SanDisk CF Card
altec Item no.: B15SD1024JC
SanDisk Item no.: SDCFJ-1024-388-J

2 GB SanDisk CF Card
EOL – Last Time Buy: April 30, 2008
altec Item no.: B15SD2048JC
SanDisk Item no.: SDCFJ-2048-388-J

4 GB SanDisk CF Card
EOL – Last Time Buy: April 30, 2008
altec Item no.: B15SD4096JC
SanDisk Item no.: SDCFJ-4096-388-J

The letter »B« added in front of altecís item number marks RoHS compliant products.

The letter »-J« at the end of the SanDiskís item number indicates bulk cards in Jewel Case.


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