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News page «SanDisk Consumer/OEM product portfolio» of 1st Sept. 2005
Homepage SanDisk Corporation
The microSD is a highly miniaturized SD Card.

With dimensions of 11 x 15 x 1 mm, it is nearly 80% smaller than an SD Card and is thus currently the smallest available memory card.

The microSD replaces the TransFlash memory card which was relesad by SanDisk nearly 3 years ago.

This memory card, which only differs in the dimensions of the contacts, is now an official memory card standard of the SD Card Association. Compared to the TransFlash, the length and width of the contacts has been reduced in order to be able to increase the number of contacts (currently 8) in future versions.

The microSD card is 100% compatible to TransFlash and to SD Card or miniSD using an appropriate adapter.

It is mainly used as a memory expansion for mobile phones.

The microSD card uses the same flash technology as CompactFlash and PC Cards, but the data is transferred serially rather than the parallel data transfer used by the ATA protocol.

The microSD High Capacity cards with 4, 6 and 8 GB capacity are not downwards compatible to the existing microSD cards. The new microSDHC memory media fits into standard microSD slots or adapters but applications as card reader or mobile phones explicitly need to be compatible with the cards.

SanDisk microSD gruvi

above: SanDisk microSD with miniSD Adapter

right: SanDisk microSD with SD Card and miniSD Adapter in Jewel Case

top right: SanDisk microSDHC 8 GB

  Available versions (with Item number)

RoHS compliant

128 MB SanDisk microSD
altec Item no.: B27SD128JC
SanDisk Item no.: SDSDQ-128-K

256 MB SanDisk microSD
altec Item no.: B27SD256JC
SanDisk Item no.: SDSDQ-256-K

512 MB SanDisk microSD
altec Item no.: B27SD512JC
SanDisk Item no.: SDSDQ-512-K

1 GB SanDisk microSD
altec Item no.: B27SD1024JC
SanDisk Item no.: SDSDQ-1024-K

2 GB SanDisk microSD
altec Item no.: B27SD2048JC
SanDisk Item no.: SDSDQ-2048-K

4 GB SanDisk microSDHC
altec Item no.: B27SD4096JC
SanDisk Item no.: SDSDQ-40968-K

6 GB SanDisk microSDHC
altec Item no.: B27SD6144JC
SanDisk Item no.: SDSDQ-6144-K

8 GB SanDisk microSDHC
altec Item no.: B27SD8192JC
SanDisk Item no.: SDSDQ-8192-K

The letter »B« added in front of altecís item number marks RoHS compliant products.

The letter »-K« at the end of the SanDiskís item number indicates bulk cards in Jewel Case and with SD Card adapter.

SanDisk microSD 512 MB


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