SD Cards with high read/write speeds, e.g. for professional digital photography


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News page «SanDisk SD High Capacity (SDHC) 4 GB» of 3rd Aug. 2006

News page «SanDisk Consumer/OEM product portfolio» of 1st Sept. 2005

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The SanDisk Extreme® III SD Cards are extremely faster than conventional storage media.

That’s because only SanDisk Extreme III memory cards feature innovative ESP Technology. ESP stands for “Enhanced Super-Parallel Processing”. Simply put, it means you are getting the fastest read/write speeds available – an minimum 20 MB per second sequential read and write speed – speed you’ll definitely appreciate whenever you find yourself shooting and storing pictures in harsh environments, extreme temperatures or at high altitudes.

They are ideal for the special needs of professional digital photography, since photos taken with high-value cameras need a high speed storage medium.


What are SD Cards?

The SD Card is now the most popular memory card format.

It is a further development of the MultiMediaCard and has additional functions such as data encryption and a write protect switch.

The SD Card (32 x 24 x 2.1 mm) has the same footprint as the MultiMediaCard (1.4 mm height) but is 0.7 mm thicker and has 9 pins instead of 7 and a theoretical data rate which is four times faster.

It uses the same flash technology as CompactFlash and PC Cards, but the data is transferred serially rather than the parallel data transfer used by the ATA protocol.

The memory media is the size of a postage stamp and the cards are used both in industrial applications and in consumer devices – especially as a memory expansion for compact digital cameras or PDAs respectively Pocket PCs.

The SD High Capacity Cards Extreme III with 4 and 8 GB capacity are not downwards compatible to the existing SD Cards. The new SDHC memory media fits into standard SD Card slots but applications as card reader or digital cameras explicitly need to be compatible with the cards.

  Available versions (with Item number)

RoHS compliant

2 GB SanDisk SD Card Extreme III
altec Item no.: B20SD2048X3JC
SanDisk Item no.: SDSDX3-2048-J

4 GB SanDisk SDHC Card Extreme III
altec Item no.: B20SD4096X3JC
SanDisk Item no.: SDSDX3-4096-J

8 GB SanDisk SDHC Card Extreme III
altec Item no.: B20SD008GX3JC
SanDisk Item no.: SDSDX3-008G-J

16 GB SanDisk SDHC Card Extreme III
altec Item no.: B20SD016GX3JC
SanDisk Item no.: SDSDX3-016G-J

The letter »B« added in front of altecís item number marks RoHS compliant products.

The letter »-J« at the end of the SanDiskís item number indicates bulk cards in Jewel Case.


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