Active Flash Card Drives (IDE) for CompactFlash Card or SD Card/MMC  



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Flash Card Drive (internal) in standard 3.5" case; 40-pin IDE connector with 2.54 mm pin spacing.

EasyLite CF Drive with slot with front eject button for Compact-Flash Cards (Type I or Type II) and Microdrive miniature hard disks.

EasyLite CF Drive is compatible with all memory cards with an appropriate CompactFlash adapter such as SmartMedia Cards, SD Cards, MultiMediaCards, Memory Sticks or xD-Cards (the cards must support a 3.3 Volt supply).

EasyLite SD Drive with front slot for SD Cards or MultiMedia-Cards with push-in/push-out connector; compatible with Reduced Size (RS) MultiMediaCards with a corresponding adapter.

EasyLite CF & SD Drive:

Without driver:Windows 95/98, ME, 2000 and XP; under Windows NT memory cards can be operated as removable media only with the appropriate driver; removable media cannot be exchanged under MS DOS without reboot.

Linux compatible in same cases – please ask.

Master or slave mode configurable with jumpers or cable select.

Drives bootable provided this is supported by the BIOS of the host computer.

Version with extended temperature range available on request: –40°C to +85°C (operating).

Rugged version of the EasyLite CF Drive with metal guide rails available on request.

Support hotline and rapid service directly from the manufacturer.


Available versions (with item number)

EasyLite CF Drive – 22AL120G

EasyLite SD Drive – 22AL122G

Optional temperature range from -40°C to +85°C or Easylite CF Drive as rugged version – please ask.

above: EasyLite SD Drive

top right: EasyLite CF Drive


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