PC Card Drive for I/O and memory cards  



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Data sheet (PDF, v.1.9 – 163 KB)

Manual and installation guide for downloading
Driver for downloading
Product pictures for downloading
PCI plug-in card, half-length format (175mm length).

Version with double slot for 2 x Type I or II or 1 x Type III PC Card memory media (SRAM, ATA Flash PC Cards, HDDs or other memory media with suitable PC Card adapter) and I/O PC Cards such as WLAN, LAN, ISDN, fax or modem.

Version with single slot for 1 x Type I or II CompactFlash Cards.

Windows 2000 SP3 and XP compatible using drivers contained in operating system.

Optional PC Card ATAPI driver for Windows 2000 and XP; only required if system resource conflicts are encountered during installation.

Windows NT compatible with optional Touchstone Cardware rel. 7.0.


Available Versions (with item number)

PCI CardDrive – 35AL001

PCI CompactFlashDrive – 35AL002

APSoft CardWare 7.0 for Windows NT4.0 – 21AL133S1


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