PC Card Drive with SCSI-2 interface (internal)  



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PC Card Drive with standard 3.5" case and 50-pin SCSI-2 interface; data connector with 2.54 mm pin spacing.

Double slot at the front for PC Card memory media such as SRAM and ATA PC Cards or HDDs (2x Type I or II or 1x Type III).

Compatible with CompactFlash or Smart Media Cards, MultiMediaCards, SD Cards, Microdrive miniature hard disks, Memory Sticks or xD-Cards using the appropriate PC Card adapter.

Suitable for all operating systems with SCSI support, for example Windows 95/98,NT,ME, 2000 and XP,MS-DOS, Linux,OS/2 and Apple Macintosh.

High speed data transfer – up to 10 MB/s (synchronous) or 5 MB/s (asynchronous).

Firmware update can be done via software.

Support hotline and rapid service directly from the manufacturer.


Available version (with item number)

i-Drive for SCSI-2 (internal) – 25AL101


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