Very rugged external PC Card Drive to protection class IP65 with SCSI Interface  



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External PC Card Drive with SCSI-2 interface; provided with MIL-standard connectors for attaching the data and power supply cables; SCSI cable can be configured to customer requirements.

Single slot for PC Card memory media such as SRAM and ATA PC Cards or HDDs in PC Card format (Type I to Type II).

Manufactured according to protection class IP65 (dust-tight and protected against water jets); provided with a flap to protect the PC Card slot.

High mechanical stability due to industrial-strength rugged metal desktop case and metal guide rails for the PC Cards.

Ideal for use with altec Full Metal Cards; in this case it is impossible to insert the PC Cards incorrectly; also suitable for a large number of PC Card insertion/removal cycles.

Compatible with CompactFlash or Smart Media Cards, MultiMediaCards, SD Cards, Microdrive miniature hard disks or Memory Sticks using the appropriate PC Card adapter.

Suitable for all operating systems with SCSI support, for example Windows 95/98,NT,ME, 2000 und XP, MS-DOS,OS/2, Linux und Apple Macintosh.

High speed data transfer – up to 10 MB/s (synchronous) or 5 MB/s (asynchronous).

Support hotline and rapid service directly from the manufacturer.


Available version (with item number)

Rugged SCSI Drive IP65 – 25AL118A


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