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Drives for memory cards

• Special rugged versions, versions with protection class IP54 and IP65.

Drives for a range of interfaces such as SCSI, IDE, USB, PCI, PC/104, Centronics, ISA, various serial interfaces, customer-specific interfaces.

Drives for different memory card formats and combinations of memory cards.

Solid State Disks based on DRAM and/or Flash memory

• Interfacing of memory cards (e.g. CompactFlash, SD Card and MultiMediaCards) to customer-specific systems using special drivers.

• Development of Flash Drives with special features, for example a dual drive (slave and master) with a single IDE bus connection and a Raid 0 array with two or more Flash memory cards.

Combination drive with SDRAM memory for fast access to realtime data and Flash memory for application software and data backup – implemented with a customer-specific interface which meets stringent requirements for temperature range, shock and vibration resistance.

  Memory card copying systems which are based on special hardware and custom software which was developed in-house.

FlashCard CopyStation Mobile USB – special PC Card drive with two slots and a USB interface; controlled by custom software which was developed in-house.

FlashCard CopyStation with five pre-configured PC Card IDE Drives connected to a PCI controller card; controlled by custom software which was developed in-house.

High-Speed CopyStation, up to 20 flash memory cards in an exchangeable CardBox can be copied in parallel.

Modular design with CardBox versions currently available for six different memory card formats; all CardBox versions have the same hardware interface to the PC.

– Development of custom hardware for parallel control of memory cards (e.g. using FPGAs).

– Development of PC-based drivers and application software for controlling hardware via an IDE interface.

– Implementation of more than 15 custom software solutions to meet special requirements for e.g.:
o Serialisation and Security Commands
o Parallel Verification
o Redundant connection to customer-specific database systems
o Implemtation of customized programming algorithmns for special memory cards
o Implementation of user-dependent access rights

Robo CopyStation, automated copying of 48 memory cards simultaneously.

– Development of the overall concept.

– Apart from the mechanical components, all of the development took place in-house.

Mechanical and pneumatic systems were developed by Bosch Rexroth to our specifications.

– Development of the PLC software for controlling the mechanical and pneumatic systems.

– Development of special hardware for parallel programming of 48 memory cards simultaneously (e.g. using FPGAs).

– Development of the PC-based drivers and application software for controlling the hardware/PLC via PCI and serial interfaces.


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