From software to hardware to mechanical implementation   altec Solid State Disk auf DRAM- und Flashbasis



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altec has extensive experience in the development of special solutions for custom applications.


Key areas of hardware development at altec:

– Drives for mobile storage media/memory cards

– Solid State Disks based on DRAM and on Flash memory

– CopyStations for the duplication of images to flash memory media. All products include custom hardware components and use software which was developed in-house.


Key areas of software development at altec:

– Developers Toolkit

– CardAccess


– Software for CopyStations

– Programming of drivers

– Development of microcontroller firmware

  Specific experience with custom developments:

– Planning, development and implementation of complex projects such as the robot-controlled Robo CopyStation

– Cooperation with partners such as Bosch Rexroth

– Development of special products which use FPGAs/CPLDs (Xilinx, Lattice); gate array programming with the VHDL description language

– PLC programming (Siemens S5/S7, Bosch)

– Application software, including GUIs under Windows and Linux

– Firmware for microcontrollers

– Programming of drivers

– Development of products which meet aerospace and military requirements for temperature range, shock and vibration resistance, protection against water and dust and long product lifecycles.

– Experience with most of the common hardware interface standards such as SCSI, IDE, USB, PC Card, PCI etc.


–altec is ISO 9001:2000 Certified for the »Development of memory technologies and solutions«

In-house environmental tests using a Vötsch VC7034 climatic test chamber


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