3.5" Fibre Channel Solid State Drive with ulta-high performance for enterprise computing   STEC ZeusIOPS Solid State Drive



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ZeusIOPS is a unique solid state drive designed to create a storage performance revolution for enterprise applications. ZeusIOPS enables storage systems to realize outstanding, sustainable Input/Outputs per second to relieve performance bottlenecks associated with traditional rotating media disk drives.

ZeusIOPS 3.5" Fibre Channel Solid State Drive has a sustained read/write performance up to 200/100 MB/sec , 52K read/18K write random IOPS operations and capacities up to 146 GB inside a 25.4 mm high case.

3.5" Drive with 40-pin SCA-2 interface (hot-plugging).

Completely solid state – no moving parts.

Available in capacities ranging from 18 to 146 GB using SLC (Single Level Cell) NAND Flash.

Up to 200/100 MByte/sec sustained read/write performance.

12 volt ±10 %.

Environmental Specifications:

Temperature range (operating) from 0°C to +70°C

Storage temperature (non-operating) from –40°C to +85°C.

Humidity 8 to 90 %, non condensing.

Altitude 80.000 ft.

Shock 1 G (operating); Vibration 60 G random (operating).


Powerful EDC (Error Detection) and ECC (Error Correction), wear-leveling and bad block mapping algorithms for exceptional data reliability.

10 year data integrity.

5 year product warranty.


Different Purge Features (Security Erase).

  Available versions (with item number)

RoHS compliant

18 GB ZeusIOPS 3.5" Fibre Channel – 200/100 MB/s
altec Item no.: B67MT18
STEC Item no.: Z16F318CU

36 GB ZeusIOPS 3.5" Fibre Channel – 200/100 MB/s
altec Item no.: B67MT36
STEC Item no.: Z16F336CU

73 GB ZeusIOPS 3.5" Fibre Channel – 200/100 MB/s
altec Item no.: B67MT73
STEC Item no.: Z16F373CU

146 GB ZeusIOPS 3.5" Fibre Channel – 200/100 MB/s
altec Item no.: B67MT146
STEC Item no.: Z16F3146CU


What are Solid State Disks?

The common feature of all Solid State Disks is that the data is stored on Flash chips. Solid State Disks are insensitive to shock, vibration, temperature effects and extreme air pressure changes and are highly resistant to EMC and ESD.

Solid State Disks do not have sensitive rotating components. They are totally silent in operation and have a low current consumption.

You can write, read and delete the data just like a conventional hard disk. Mechanical hard disks in mobile systems and industrial computers can be replaced by pin-compatible Solid State Disks.



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