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The AT1830 Mustang is the smallest member of the Memtech series of IDE solid state drives, available in an extremely compact 1.8" drive form-factor.

It employs sector erasable NAND EEPROMs (Flash Memory) to deliver up to 8 GBytes of uncompressed, nonvolatile solid state storage in an extremely small, rugged form-factor.

Compact 1.8" drive form factor with 44-pin, 2 mm grid IDE interface. PIO Mode 4, no DMA.

64 MByte to 8 GByte uncompressed capacity.

For the following temperature ranges (operating) available:
Commercial (0°C to +70°C)
Extended (–20°C to +75°C)
Industrial (–40°C to +85°C)

Storage temperature (non-operating) from –55°C to +125°C.

Completely solid state – no moving parts.

Powerful ECC (32 Bit Reed-Solomon) and proprietary wear leveling for exceptional data reliability.

3.3 to 5 volt, low power operation.

1000 G operating shock; 15 G operating vibration.

4.0 MByte/sec sustained read throughput; 3.5 MByte/sec sustained write throughput.

10 year data integrity.

Pending CE and CSA/UL compliant.

Exclusive distributor for Germany, Austria and Switzerland is altec ComputerSysteme GmbH.

  Available versions (with item number)

RoHS compliant

256 MB AT1830 Mustang – B30MT256

512 MB AT1830 Mustang – B30MT512

1024 MB AT1830 Mustang – B30MT10

2048 MB AT1830 Mustang – B30MT20

4096 MB AT1830 Mustang – B30MT40

8192 MB AT1830 Mustang – B30MT81

Other memory capacities as shown above are also available. Please ask for further details.


What are Solid State Disks?

The common feature of all Solid State Disks is that the data is stored on Flash chips. Solid State Disks are insensitive to shock, vibration, temperature effects and extreme air pressure changes and are highly resistant to EMC and ESD.

Solid State Disks do not have sensitive rotating components. They are totally silent in operation and have a low current consumption.

You can write, read and delete the data just like a conventional hard disk. Mechanical hard disks in mobile systems and industrial computers can be replaced by pin-compatible Solid State Disks.


Memtech Solid State Disks

A Wear-Leveling Algorithm is implemented in all drives for a high data reliability, as well as the Kicker™ Hold Up Circuit. It is intended to prevent drive destruction if writing is suddenly interrupted by a disturbed power supply.

Every drive is subjected to Memtech’s exacting EnduroTest™ in which each drive is fully tested under environmental and voltage extremes to guarantee data integrity under even the harshest conditions.

Optionally, some products are available with a Security Erase feature and all with a Conformal Coating to protect them against moisture.


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