Solid State Disk in 3.5" format for two Type I or II CompactFlash Cards  


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Robust replacement for IDE hard disks – standard 3.5" drive dimensions – very resistant to shock and vibration.

Suitable for all operating systems with IDE support.

40-pin IDE interface – data connector with 2.54 mm pin spacing and standard 3.5" hard disk power connector; with mechanical locking mechanism for the CFCards.

Each of the two CF Cards behaves like a separate IDE FlashDisk – the first CF Card is configured as the master and the second one is the slave.

Storage capacities from 2 x 32 MB to 2 x 4.0 GB using CompactFlash Type I.

Version available for an extended temperature range: -40°C to +85°C (operating).


Available versions (with item number)

3.5" IDE DoubleDrive – 35AL020


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