High-Speed CopyStation Ultra
for CompactFlash, microSD, miniSD & miniSDHC, SD & SDHC Card & MMC, RS-MMC, OTP SD/MMC, Memory Stick Micro M2, Memory Stick PRO Duo or Memory Stick PRO
  altec High-Speed CopyStation Ultra


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Compatibility matrix altec CopyStations (PDF – v.1.2 – 23 KB)

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Manual and installation guide for downloading
Press release of September 6th, 2006

Press release of June 1st, 2006

Press release of November 15th, 2005

Press release of March 18th, 2004

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Film about the range of altec services
With the modular High-Speed CopyStation data images of several flash memory cards can be copied parallel and in high speed.

This worldwide unique copying system consists of a preinstalled system including altec copying software under Windows XP Professional and exchangeable CardBoxes with 20 slots each.

The in-house developed copy software has the same «look & feel» as the software for all other altec CopyStations.

Compatible media

The range of available CardBoxes consists of 10 models for 13 different memory card types.

Every CardBox can hold up to 20 memory cards.

Copying speed

The CopyStation’s transfer rate is approx. 75 MB/sec. For example, copying of 20 SD Cards with 512 MB each takes approx. 2.5 minutes (speed depends on memory card typ).

Copying methods

Two different copying methods are available for copying the data – copying of entire data images or optional copying of short images.

For more information see «Copying methods» in the «Software» tab.

Software options

For the five software options please refer to the «Software» tab.

Scope of delivery

Dell Business PC* with 5.25" copying module, English or German keyboard and Windows XP Professional operating system, mouse, DVD drive, graphic card and standard interfaces.


Copying respectively duplicating of flash card images was introduced by altec at the CeBIT 2000 with the MultiMediaCard CopyStation.

At CeBIT 2002 altec presented the new SD Card CopyStation which is providing High-Speed duplication of SD Cards and MultiMediaCards by a new hardware design using VHDL technology consisting of 21 FPGA.

This copying system benefits from the know-how and experience resulting from seven years of CopyStation development at altec.

* Dell support in your own language and country.

  EOL – Not available for order.

You find the succeeding product model High-Speed CopyStation Edition 1000 here.

Product Highlights

– Modular designed with exchangeable CardBoxes

– Ultra fast duplication of content with approx. 75 MB/sec

– Unique software options

– SDHC, miniSDHC and microSDHC ready

Available versions (with item number)

RoHS compliant

High-Speed CopyStation w/o CardBox (engl. WinXP Prof., keyboard) – B32AL188E

CardBox for CompactFlash Card – B31AL157

CardBox for microSD & TransFlash – B31AL162

CardBox for miniSD & miniSDHC – B31AL158

CardBox for SD & SDHC Card & MMC – B31AL137

CardBox for RS-MMC – B31AL156

CardBox for OTP SD/MMC 3.7 Volt – B31AL159

CardBox for OTP SD/MMC 3.7/12 Volt – B31AL160

CardBox for Memory Stick Micro M2 – B31AL164M

CardBox for Memory Stick PRO Duo – B31AL164D

CardBox for Memory Stick PRO – B31AL164PRO

Software Parallel Verification – 31AL2001

Software Short Image Files – 31AL2002

Software interface for e.g. external serialization– 31AL2004

Software OTP support – 31AL2005

Software Write Protect SD/MMC – 31AL2006


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