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Available software options with order number

Software Parallel Verification – 31AL2001

Software Short Image Files – 31AL2002

Software interface for e.g. external serialization– 31AL2004

Software OTP support – 31AL2005

Software Write Protect SD/MMC – 31AL2006


Our copying software, which was developed in-house, has the same »Look & Feel« in all altec CopyStation models.

The user interface can be switched between German and English – further languages are availble as an option.

The Job Wizard is a key part of the software. It is used to specify all parameters of the copy job – Name of the card image, number of copies, whether verification is required and configuration of the software options.

Software options

1.) Software option for parallel verification.

2.) Software option for creating and copying smaller image files (Short Image Copy). This option creates smaller image files if the master (source ) memory media is only partly filled with user data. This results in faster programming of the target memory media.

3.) Optional software interface for data exchange with external application to allow customization of individual memory cards, e.g. serialization or data encryption.

4.) Software option for programming OTP (One Time Programmable) SD and MMC cards.

5.) Software option to set a temporary or permanent write protection flag on SD Card or MMC. The temporary write protection can be reset by the software.

  Copying methods

The High-Speed CopyStation Ultra provides two different copying methods for copying the data:

1.) Image Copy (default method) – an image of the entire contents of the memory media is created and then copied to the target memory media.

Advantages: A 1:1 copy of the memory media is created. Accordingly, all sectors of the target memory media are overwritten. This method is supported by all memory media file systems.

Disadvantages: Copying is relatively time consuming because all of the bytes of the original memory medium are copied.

2.) Short Image Copy (option) – only the data sectors which are currently being used are copied.

Advantages: Significant time-saving if the master (source ) memory media is only partly filled with user data.

Disadvantages: If the target memory media has already been used, some of the unused blocks may still contain old data. For maximum benefit, the data on the source memory media should not be fragmented.


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