Fast duplication of SD Card or MultiMediaCard contents  



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Data sheet (PDF, v.1.2 – 124 KB)

Manual and installation guide for downloading
Product pictures for downloading
20 SD Card or MultiMediaCard data images can be copied in less than 2 min. (typ. speed for 32 MB cards).

5.25" device for PCs.

PC connection via IDE interface.

Easy to use due to exchangeable CardBox and self-explanatory graphical user interface under Windows 95/98.

Option to allow up to 4 CopyStations to be installed in the same computer – which are controlled by our MultiCopyStation Software.

Customer-specific modifications and solutions such as systems for automatic insertion (feeding) of memory cards are available on request.

Special software tool under development to encode the data individual for every single SD Card while copying it with the CopyStation.

  EOL – Not available for order.

Versions (with item number)

1-Unit SD Card CopyStation System – 31AL144

2-Unit SD Card CopyStation System – 31AL144A

4-Unit SD Card CopyStation System – 31AL144B

Optional software with support of SD Card security commands – 31AL138

Additional CardBox for SD Card & MultiMediaCards – 31AL137

SD Card CopyStation Mobile – 31AL144M


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