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This CopyStation duplicates data images to up to 21 USB memory sticks simultaneously.

This system consists of a case with built-in power supply and three active USB 2.0 hi-speed hubs.

It is connected to a Windows XP PC via a supplied USB 2.0 PCI card and three USB cables.

The system requirements for using the CopyStation include a PC with Windows XP, a free PCI slot, 21 available drive letters and administrative rights for the software.

The in-house developed copy software has the same «look & feel» as the software for all other altec CopyStations.

Compatible media

The following storage media can be used in the USB Stick CopyStation 21:
USB 2.0 memory sticks
USB 1.1 memory sticks

The USB sticks must be less than 11 mm in width and less than 42 mm in heights, if all 21 USB slots are to be used. There are no restrictions concerning the lengths of the USB sticks used.

We strongly recommend that you only use USB memory sticks from international brand manufacturers such as SanDisk, Lexar or Transcend.

Copying methods

Three different copying methods are available for copying the data – copying of entire data images, copying of short images and the so-called file copying method.

For more information see »Copying methods« in the »Software« tab.

Copying speed

The CopyStation’s transfer rate is approx. 30 MB/sec. For example, copying of 21 USB sticks with 512 MB each takes less than 6 minutes (the speed is dependent on the make and model of memory stick).

This copying system benefits from the know-how and experience resulting from seven years of CopyStation development at altec.

  EOL – Not available for order.

Product Highlights

– High volume duplication of content to USB sticks

– Choice between a standard and two optional copy methods

– Unique software option for customization of USB sticks

– Competitive price due to the use of standard components

Available versions (with item number)

RoHS compliant

USB Stick CopyStation 21 – B31AL185

Software Short Image Files – 31AL1852

Software interface for e.g. external serialization – 31AL1854

Software File Copy – 31AL1857


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