Storage media with DataSafe™ full metal case for maximum reliability  



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ATA Flash Type II PC Cards; memory technology based on SanDisk Industrial Grade quality; True IDE Mode.

Four versions: CF Technology inside version, versions to IP54 and IP68 specifications, Hermetic Military version with fully sealed case.

All versions are mechanically very rugged – high resistance to vibration and shock; IP54 versions and above have an extended temperature range from –40°C to +85°C (operating).

Unique metal case design ensures high resistance to deformation, EMC, excellent protection against ESD and corrosion.

IP54 versions and above dust and moisture proof; Military versions can be submerged to a depth of 30 meters.

Capacities from 32 to 4096 MByte; Full Metal Card CompactFlash Technology inside from 32 to 2048 MByte.

top left: FMC I-Grade Military

above: FMC CF Technology Inside

top right: FMC I-Grade IP54/IP68

DataSafe™ is a registered trademark of Diehl Metall Stiftung & Co. KG.

  Versions (with item number)

32 MB FMC CF Technology – 15DL32

64 MB FMC CF Technology – 15DL64

128 MB FMC CF Technology – 15DL128

256 MB FMC CF Technology – 15DL256

512 MB FMC CF Technology – 15DL512

1024 MB FMC CF Technology – 15DL1024

2048 MB FMC CF Technology – 15DL2048

32 MB FMC I-Grade IP54 – 13DL32GP

64 MB FMC I-Grade IP54 – 13DL64GP

128 MB FMC I-Grade IP54 – 13DL128GP

256 MB FMC I-Grade IP54 – 13DL25GP

512 MB FMC I-Grade IP54 – 13DL512GP

1024 MB FMC I-Grade IP54 – 13DL102GP

2048 MB FMC I-Grade IP54 – 13DL204GP

4096 MB FMC I-Grade IP54 – 13DL409GP

32 MB FMC I-Grade IP68 – 13DL32G68

64 MB FMC I-Grade IP68 – 13DL64G68

128 MB FMC I-Grade IP68 – 13DL128G68

256 MB FMC I-Grade IP68 – 13DL25G68

512 MB FMC I-Grade IP68 – 13DL512G68

1024 MB FMC I-Grade IP68 – 13DL102G68

2048 MB FMC I-Grade IP68 – 13DL204G68

4096 MB FMC I-Grade IP68 – 13DL409G68

32 MB FMC I-Grade Military – 13DL32GM

64 MB FMC I-Grade Military – 13DL64GM

128 MB FMC I-Grade Military – 13DL128GM

256 MB FMC I-Grade Military – 13DL25GM

512 MB FMC I-Grade Military – 13DL512GM

1024 MB FMC I-Grade Military – 13DL102GM

2048 MB FMC I-Grade Military – 13DL204GM

4096 MB FMC I-Grade Military – 13DL409GM

For all Full Metal Cards: customer specific label (minimum order quantity 500 label) – please ask.


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