MultiMediaCards e.g. as a memory expansion for mobile phones or digital cameras


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News page «SanDisk Consumer/OEM product portfolio» of 1st Sept. 2005
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The MultiMediaCard Standard was jointly developed in 1997 by SanDisk and Siemens (now Infineon) to allow further miniaturization of digital equipment.

The MultiMediaCard was then further developed to the SD Card.

The MultiMediaCard (32 x 24 x 1.4 mm) has the same footprint as the SD Card (2.1 mm height) but is 0.7 mm thinner and has 7 instead of 9 pins.

It uses the same flash technology as CompactFlash and PC Cards, but the data is transferred serially rather than the parallel data transfer used by the ATA protocol.

The memory media is the size of a postage stamp and the cards are used both in industrial applications and in consumer devices.

A PC Card Adapter which was developed by altec allows MultiMediaCards to be used in any PC Card Type II slot, such as that found in nearly all notebook PCs and altec Flash Card drives.

The RS-MMC (Reduced Size MultiMediaCard) is a further miniaturized version.

above and top right:
SanDisk MultiMediaCard 128 MB

  Versions (with Item number)

32 MB SanDisk MultiMediaCard
altec Item no.: 17SD32J
SanDisk Item no.: SDMJ-32

64 MB SanDisk MultiMediaCard
altec Item no.: 17SD64J
SanDisk Item no.: SDMJ-64

128 MB SanDisk MultiMediaCard
altec Item no.: 17SD128J
SanDisk Item no.: SDMJ-128

Replacement products are SD Cards. Almost all applications are compatible with SD Cards.
For the few legacy applications that are restricted to MMC form factor due to Z height requirements, the RS-MMC with extender is a suitable replacement.


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