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The AT2500 solid-state flash drive from Memtech is a 100% IDE compatible storage module offered in a standard 2.5 inch drive form-factor.

2.5" drive form-factor with 44-pin, 2 mm IDE interface.

Up to 3072 MByte uncompressed capacity.

For the following temperature ranges (operating) available:
Commercial (0°C to +70°C)
Extended (–20°C to +75°C)
Industrial (–40°C to +85°C)

Completely solid state – no moving parts.

11 Byte ECC and Active Remap™ for exceptional
data reliability.

5 volt, low power operation.

1000 G operating shock; 15 G operating vibration.

0.3 millisecond random access time.

2.0 MByte/sec sustained read throughput; 650 KByte/sec sustained write throughput.

128 KByte SRAM buffer.

10 year data integrity.

CE and CSA/UL Compliant.

Exclusive distributor for Germany, Austria and Switzerland is altec ComputerSysteme GmbH.

  EOL – Not available for order.

Versions (with item number)

1024 MByte Memtech AT2500 Tusker – 32MT10

2048 MByte Memtech AT2500 Tusker – 32MT20

3072 MByte Memtech AT2500 Tusker – 32MT30

Other memory capacities as shown above are also available. Please ask for further details.


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