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State-of-the-Art High performance 3.5" Solid State Disk.

SCSI Ultra Fast Wide, Single Ended, 40 MB/Sek.

Data Security

The intelligent Power-Management with external battery buffering and backup HDD prevents accidental data loss due several situations, e.g.:

The inactivity of the access to Athena-2plus™, the controlling time period is adjustable.

Power interruption, time for backup start is adjustable.

Additional backup starts:
on user’s demand and via diagnostic port.

Multistage EDC (Error Detection and Correction) for highest data integrity.

High shock- and vibration endurance.

Low power consumption.

Extended temperature range.

External battery buffering for date retention and backup Effectivity.

Extremely high access to programs and data.

Maintenance free, data security.

Abrasion-free long term operation

The Athena-2 plus™ offers capacities from 200 MByte to 1 GByte (incl. 20% ECC) in a 3.5" form factor or to max. 4.6 GByte cascaded.

Connected to a standard SCSI-Controller, the Athena-2 plus™ replaces a standard harddisk.

High Speed (read/write 20 MB/sec. respectively up to 40 MB/sec on wide ultra SCSI) and best reliability predestine the Athena-2 plus™ for sophisticated applications. This could be especially applications working under conditions of harsh and rugged environment in industrial or military sector, high speed measurement systems or database applications.

  EOL – Not available for order.

Versions (with item number)

200 MB Athena-2 plus – 34AL-200

400 MB Athena-2 plus – 34AL-400

600 MB Athena-2 plus – 34AL-600

800 MB Athena-2 plus – 34AL-800

1 GB Athena-2 plus – 34AL-010

3.5" Battery Managing System without HDD Backup – 34AL-112

3.5" Battery Managing System incl. IDE-HDD Backup for 1 GB – 34AL-113


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