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Founded in 1986, altec has been making a name for itself with innovative technical solutions ever since. Following the boom in computers, altec's activities soon focused on the field of digital electronics. The former altec electronic GmbH was renamed to altec ComputerSysteme GmbH in 1992 and the company now concentrates on the development and marketing of flash memory technologies and Solid State Disks.

This sector has expanded continuously, and nowadays development work represents a large part of our business activities. altec now sells an extensive range of Flash Card products, Flash Card drives, Solid State Disks, CopyStations and provides CopyServices. From the development of customer-specified solutions for a wide range of applications through to technical support of turnkey industrial grade hardware and software systems, our engineers are ready to help you in all phases of system integration. In other words, we provide an comprehensive technical support and design service directly from the manufacturer.

  altec head office in Germany

Product range

CopyStations & duplication services

altec offers two products for copying the content of your memory cards: the high-performance High-Speed CopyStation with exchangeable CardBoxes for 20 memory cards and the flexible FlashCard CopyStation with 10 PC Card slots. Mobile versions of these CopyStations allow you to make image copies with a notebook.

We offer services relating to almost all aspects of mobile memory cards. E.g. duplication of card images, individualisation of cards, labels and blisters to customer requirements.

Solid State Disks

Our product range relating to Solid State Disks extends from CompactFlash to IDE adapters through FlashDrives from altec, SanDisk and Memtech to the altec SCSI DoubleDrive and the High-Speed FlashBox for maximum performance in the flash segment. We are sole distributors in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for solid state drives from Memtech of California.

Flash Card Drives

Our Flash Card Drives allow Flash memory media to be used for mobile data storage with nearly any type of computer – whether desktop PC or industrial computer – and guarantee rapid and easy data exchange. We have developed a large number of customised versions, which are being used successfully for a wide range of applications.


Flash Memory Cards

altec started selling the SanDisk memory products as early as 1991, and is now one of the leading SanDisk distributors in Europe. The range of memory products extends from 2.5" FlashDrive through PC Card, CF Card, MultiMediaCard to SD Card and miniSD.

Where demands on storage media are toughest, our continuously improved Full Metal Cards have being proving themselves for years. They are also now available as the cost-effective Full Metal Card CF Technology inside

Custom developments

In addition to our standard product range we can develop custom hardware and software solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. Our experience when developing special solutions is based on many years of cooperation with customers from the branches of telecommunication, transport, military and environmental technology, the printing industry, automation and hardware and software manufacturers.

Our engineers can develop solid state memory solutions to your specifications using state-of-the-art technology.

We can develop custom drives for a range of operating systems and hardware interfaces and devices for special operating environments. In addition, we can develop turnkey applications, controllers, drivers and other software components to match your existing hardware.


As a result of our many years of experience with a wide range of customer needs and system constellations, we can provide skilled advice, project planning and implementation at an attractive price/performance ratio. Please get in contact for more information.


Our products have a very wide range of applications, including road transport and medical technology, production engineering, telecommunications, measurement systems, environmental engineering, aerospace (MIL technology) and all kinds of mobile applications such as mobile phones, digital cameras and data acquisition devices.

Global presence

Strategic alliances and sales offices and production sites throughout Europe and in the USA have ensured an international market presence which is effective both for us and for our customers. Numerous well-known international companies trust us to market their entire product range.


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